Make Animated Gifs

How to Make an Animated Gif

  1. Upload Frames: upload the images that will make up the different frames of your animated gif
  2. Enter Width: enter the width you want your animated gif to be (between 1 and 600px)
  3. Enter Speed: enter the length of time you want your frames to appear before going to the next frame (a value of 10 = 1 second)

Note: Adult or inappropriate material will be deleted.

Create Your Animated Gif

Files must be less than 15 MB.
Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg.
Images must be between 1x1 and 1200x1200 pixels.

- Width in pixels of animated Gif

- Maximum 600px

tenths of a second

- Time each frame is displayed for in deci-seconds

- 10 deci-seconds = 1 second

- Maximum 100 deci-seconds (10 seconds)

Vertical Tabs

Create your own animated GIF images for free online using our Animated Gif Maker. It couldn't be easier. Just upload your files and enter the settings for your animated gif. Once you click the Save button your uploaded images will be turned into an animated gif and saved so you can view it, share it and download it. Animated Gifs are great as advertising banners or as avatars for your online profiles.